FlightScope and Awesome Golf


Fantastic New Technology on the Range

Flight Scope technology works using Doppler Radar, which found its first uses in the ballistics industry measuring bullets and shells in various battlefields.

Luckily we can now apply this technology in a much safer environment - namely the tracking of a golf ball and how it performs, once struck.

There are a number of flight tracking systems available on the market, but very few that can also track the club face through impact and relate this data to the ball’s flight.

This sounds highly complex, but the result is an array of fun based games and some easy-to-follow stats that can lead the improving golfer to a clearer path to better play.

Awesome Golf, have harnessed the FlightScope technology and added a number of great features for golfers and new players of all abilities and ages.


Awesome Golf

In order to get the most from your session, we strongly recommend that you download the Awesome Golf App. Get it from the App Store or Google Play.


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This app will allow you to:

• fast QR login at each bay when you visit the range
• compete with your friends
• keep your stats from each practice session
There is nothing to lose and its FREE.
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